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Peter van Oostzanen was born in the Netherlands in 1962. As a self-taught artist he began showing his artwork to the public after the turn of the century. Very soon galleries and art collectors became interested in his work, and now more and more people appreciate and admire his art. Nowadays van Oostzanen’s work is bought and collected by individuals as well as companies in several European countries and the United States.

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Viechtach, Germany

Juni 2019 - Germany
The 6th edition of dreamscapes imaginary realism. Under the shared name of imaginary realism more than 40 artists from all over the world show artwork from styles such as magic realism, surrealism, symbolism, fantasy, etc.
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May 2018 - Belgium
International exhibition in the Oud-Rekem in Belgian Limburg that has been declared the most beautiful village in Flanders since 10 years. The exhibition will be in castle D 'Aspremont Lynden that offers a spectacular space for this exhibition. Vernissage friday 4 may 2018.
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Example of a painting

Click here to see the artist’s most recent paintings , in his typical style.
The paintings are painted in acrylic or in oil paint, on wood panel or on canvas.


Paintings made with oil-paint
Paintings made with acrylic-paint


Portrait off a young girl. Under-painting in umber white, a traditional painting method.


Suggestions are welcomed regarding potential collaboration with Peter van Oostzanen. Like the possibility of organising an exposition with his work.
You are invited here to ask further questions, place any orders, or enquire about commissioning portraits in the artist's style.


Example of a drawing with pencil on paper

Here you can see the artist’s drawings.


Paintings in oilcolour and acrylic on woodpanel and canvas

Learn here about of the artist's technique, and how his ideas are conceived and developed.


Example of a portrait, pencil drawing on paper

The artist has produced both painted and drawn portraits. Here you can see a few of the portraits.


Example of a exquisite corps, in pencil on paper

Some works, such as exquisite corpse art and other projects, are developed in close cooperation with other artists. Click here to see the result of this cooperation.


The drawing shown is the latest panting.
Titled "Perilous Journey".
Technique: Oil colour on canvas.


The Research. Example of a limited edition

A limited number of his artworks are brought out as Giclees in a limited edition. Here you can find which of the paintings are available as giclee and in which way these can be obtained. This made it possible to purchase a unique piece of art at a reasonable price.


Here you can find a list of paintings and drawings for sale, together with their respective prices and ordering instructions.


Please feel free to give feedback or to leave a message in the guestbook or the weblog. In the weblog, you can also view the current project and work in progress.


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