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  • Title: Timing
  • Conté drawing on panel
  • dimensions 70 x 120 cm
  • signed 2010
  • BIG picture

Timing is the choice of time. Rather, choosing the right time.
When at least two time lines come together. Timing is just like the rest of the time only once. After that moment or when the moment is missed that moment there will be turned into an event, or a missed opportunity.
There is someone waiting for that moment, that split second. He is busy timing.
If the person succeeds to take action at this gathering of times he can use it to make an event out of it. A memorable event. At least that's his intention.
It is not yet clear whether the person will succeed in using the meeting of times. It is not even clear if the occasion does come. Maybe he has missed it already and it will not repeat again.
Possibly he will be disappointed and return home after course of time. And return later to try it once more.
Perhaps he has tried countless times. Is it his last chance? Is he too old or mentally broken.
Until then he is focused standstill waiting to take action. At that time, the adrenaline will be pumping through his body, his mind will be sharp. His body was ready when the time is there.

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